07/22 neoLASE celebrates 15 years anniversary

15 Years ago, neoLASE starts operation in the development and manufacturing of DPSS lasers.

As a spin-off from the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. the first 7 years goes by and neoLASE developed amplifier systems for research applications like gravitational wave detection, passive q-switched lasers for spectroscopy or the first customized MOPA system for a micromachining application.

“2014 felt like the real start of neoLASE” as Dr. Maik Frede CEO of neoLASE remembers. We moved into the new technology centre and started building up production capabilities for industrial laser systems. After some years of product development neoLASE showed a continuous growth over the past years. Today the laser portfolio covers cw single-frequency lasers down to laser pulses with less than 50 fs pulse durations. “This diversity and the focus to provide tailored industrial systems to the customer’s needs and applications is the unique strength of neoLASE and will further expand this field of laser technology” Frede explained. “In my view, SMAART and flexible laser solutions are the future in the diversity of upcoming laser applications and also usable in high volume applications”.

neoLASE like to say thank you to all supporters, like financial, technological and especially to our actual and past labour team that drives the same passion for laser technology.

Thanks for the great cake, which represents one of our SMAART lasers systems, not with changeable pulse durations, different cake tastes instead!


5. July 2022

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