Ho ho ho, dear friends and business partners,

Unfortunately we hardly saw each other this year and a visit to the end of the year cannot take place either. For this reason, neoLASE decided this year to support a Christmas calendar with 24 good deeds. Maybe there is also one or the other interesting project for you. We look forward to seeing you again in the New Year and wish you a nice Christmas season! Your TEAM neoLASE



Day 1: Let the ape have ginger! Protection of great apes – working together with the local population

Day 2: Football4WASH – a red card to thirst

Day 3: Growing up healthily in the Himalayas – Basic medical care for children in Nepal

Day 4: Collecting rubbish, education and photo art for clean rivers and oceans!

Day 5: Happy to be learning

Day 6: 30 g milk powder – ensuring survival for refugees

Day 7: Tortoises on their way back to the wild

Day 8: Vocational training and education for women in Nigeria

Day 9: Edible classrooms satisfy both hunger and the thirst for knowledge

Day 10: A great start in life for premature babies!

Day 11: Integration through vocational training

Day 12: Fighting climate change, one tree at a time

Day 13: Better understanding, faster recovery

Day 14: Woodland as a habitat for animals in Germany

Day 15: Restoring dignity

Day 16: Strangers become friends

Day 17: Make life colourful again

Day 18: Peace begins on the plate

Day 19: Physiotherapy for children with disabilities

Day 20: Empowerment through education

Day 21: Access to sustainable energy for all

Day 22: Standing on your own two feet again

Day 23: Educational justice for all!

Day 24: Soap and clean drinking water to keep families healthy



30. November 2021

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