Christmas Greeting‘

… another year past by and we can look back on an exciting and successful time at neoLASE.

We started 2022 with a product release “SMAART Ultrashort Pulsed Laser” and the first show after the Covid break – the Laser World of Photonics in Munich. We were pleased about the nomination for the Innovation Award Laser Technology and celebrate the 15 anniversary of neoLASE this summer. The year ends with a Christmas party for partners, colleagues and friends.

Oh yeah, we also build a few lasers… a system with 5 mJ pulse energy from a 5 ps pulse or less than 100 fs pulses with 150 µJ, also nanoseconds with up to 40 mJ pulse energy. Watch out, whitepapers are coming beginning of next year.

THANKS to everyone who was involved to make this year successful and let’s keep having fun with PHOTONICS !

We wish you all a relaxed Christmas break and a smooth start into 2023!


22. December 2022

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