08/17 Next generation laser technology

The increasing demands in laser material applications require new, high flexible and comprehensive laser system designs to address a wild range of applications. For these areas neoLASE develop and market modular short- and ultrashort pulse laser systems by combining the advantages of innovative pulsed oscillators with rugged solid-state amplifiers.

A recent development is an OEM laser platform with a unique flexibility not only in terms of laser parameters but also for integration, service and cost of ownership. Comparable with an audio system the platform consist out of three basic modules (Source, Amplifier and Electronics) combined by standard interfaces. Beside the flexibility in their laser parameters (like CD, MP3 or Radio in the audio world) the concept allows a flexible integration and an easy service due to simple module change. The module change can be performed by trained technicians and therefore reduces the downtimes to a minimum. A reduced investment risk is due to the simple change of the seed source and therefore a match to other or future applications. Even recycling of individual modules or upgrading the laser system with new functionalities is imaginable. Further modules like frequency conversion, beam expander, pulse modulation or direct adaptation to a galvo scanner are next coming modules.


29. June 2017

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